About me

My name is Alexander  Sandev and this page is created by me as a visible space,
where I share my aesthetic concept for the world.

I have been interested in photography since my childhood,
and I did my first steps with my grandfather’s photo camera (6x6),
which I still keep to this day.
In 1998 I decided to dedicate myself to photography completely.

In the next ten years I used to take photograghs with filmstrip - negative and slides,
and from 2008 I have switched entirely to digital photography.

Throughout this time I have gained serious experience and built my view,
quality criteria and notion of recreating the world around us.

Working in partnership with approved and reliable tour operators
I started organizing photo tours for enthusiastic photo fans.

If you would like and would be interested to look through my eyes, please follow me.

 MG 4805 
For Contacts:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
tel.: +359 88 44 99 505

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